Dre Thomas

Charity isn't always seen, but always shows up. 

It is sometimes found in a smile, a hug, or an unexpected act of kindness.

"Dre has the fire and capacity of an entrepreneur but still maintains a heart for people like no other. Her determination to build, along with her broken heart for people, is something I’d support no matter what.  I am so proud of her and I'm certain she'll never stop building and fighting for people."

- Steve D'Agrosa

"Dre is a very compassionate and caring woman who loves to motivate and help girls grow to their full potential.  I strongly believe that Smile On Me is going to bring so much joy and positivity to every girl and give them the start they need to live healthy and full lives."

- Collin Wilson

"It’s always been Dre's dream to start this movement. Not only does she have a compassionate heart for people, but she’s an incredible businesswoman with an entrepreneurial mind.  With her personality and her determination to succeed, you can for sure count on Dre and Smile On Me to change the lives of the next generation."

- Desiree Ochs

"Dre is a very warmhearted, creative, and loving person, and the kind of friend that anyone would want. Her heart for people is admirable and she's always quick to put others first. She is absolutely in the business of people and it is without a doubt that everything she puts her hands on is done from her heart."

- Jerry Fertilien

"Dre has always possessed the heart of charity. I always say that truth and time will meet and Dre's truth and time have met.  Smile On Me is truly from Dre's heart.  I know that the lives of those who give and those who receive will never be the same because the route of charity is love and love conquers all things."

- Shelley Thomas

"Dre is an all-around humanitarian. She cares uniquely for the individual and goes out of her way to honor others. She is serious about the condition of women and girls the world and has made it her life's work to honor and celebrate them no matter their race or background."

- Shanelle Clare

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