The Smile On Me I See

In 2017 I was evicted from my apartment in The Bronx. This was one of the lowest and most worrisome times of my life. I went from sleeping on friends’ couches, putting all my stuff in storage and wearing the same few outfits every week, to having to go to housing court almost every day. To say it was a struggle would be an understatement. I heard it once said that when something in your life dies, it makes room for something new. Amongst all that was going on around me, in 2017 I launched Smile On Me.

This year has brought a whirlwind of change for my life and for Smile On Me. Some good change, some bad—but all inconvenient. I started the year with high hopes and bright eyes, ready to roll up my sleeves and plan something big. But because of this new reality, things have shifted, tremendously. And I found myself having to begin, again.

That’s the thing about inconvenience, it can either stop you dead in your tracks or be the catalyst that pushes you forward. I decided not to allow my disappointment to discourage my destiny, I decided to press on.

Are you willing to be inconvenienced?

What I know for certain is that regardless of what my tomorrow brings, the Smile On Me I see remains the same.

The Smile On Me I See is a community of like-minded people who believe that maintaining a healthy mind and body is key to a joyful life. I see a community of people who aren’t afraid to disrupt the status quo and impact the world. A community that always celebrates, always uplifts, and always champions girls to live a safe and healthy life.

I see a community that advocates for girls in low-income communities; one that focuses on the one but keeps its’ doors open for all.

The Smile On Me I see has a mission so clear that it shifts the culture of girlhood around the world. I see a community committed to providing resources, facilitating workshops, gathering together all girls to encourage them to discover something new.

Yes, the Smile On Me I see is one that will grow, never changing its’ message—but open to shift its method to meet girls where they are.

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