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In April 2020, Smile On Me launched Tiny Talks; an online conversation series that tackles big topics in a tiny and intimate setting and creates a safe community where girls can have conversations that are considered taboo at home or at school.

"...this group is for us to have something positive to look forward to during quarantine and a safe spot for us to talk and feel confident in what we’re saying. In my opinion every member has a story to tell and hopefully they know that this is a safe environment for them to speak in."

-Taliyah, 8th grade.

"I don’t really talk to people so I like how I can be open to girls around the same age in a judgment-free space." -Sharian, 9th grade

This Tiny Talks series has been something we always wanted to do, and now that our programming is 100% online, we're able to reach more girls and make a bigger impact. We've had calls with guest hosts who talked about things like menstrual hygiene, skincare routines, how to manage anxiety, and the importance of building a positive community. As we continue on, we're committed to sustaining our online community so that girls have a place to connect with their peers and discover something new.

To celebrate and acknowledge Mental Health Awareness Month, we've asked girls to share their feelings and what's occupying their thoughts during COVID-19. Read on for an inside look of the State of New York City Girls.

I think I’m starting to lose myself in all this free time and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s hard to be away from my friends, but I know I should use this time to not worry so much and stay positive because I know this will end soon.

-Sherry, 13

I feel misplaced. I don’t know what to do with myself. I want to stay strong because I know we are all going through this and we are all isolated. I want to make this time worth it.

-Morgan, 12

I know it is important to stay connected and reach out to others. Being isolated with limited resources can be mentally draining and has definitely affected my mental health. I’ve learned that a call or even text really does go a long way.

-Jessica, 15

No matter where we are, our commitment remains the same; awakening every girl to her inner greatness and inspiring her to disrupt the status quo and impact the world.

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