ep. 03 — This Time for the Saints

October 6, 2017

Two Saints is literally one of the best bars on Nostrand Ave, it's just so Brooklyn. I remember stumbling upon it one day I was walking by in the dead of winter. Back then I lived in the Bronx, so absolutely nothing could get me to Brooklyn, but Two Saints always had a very special place in my heart. A few months ago, a friend invited me to her film screening at the bar and it was then when I realized that I wanted to host an event there. With that quick backstory, I present,

October's Very Own: Smile On Me Night! 

As my friend Desiree and I ordered our Uber to Two Saints, I felt the feelings I always do when going to an event I have planned myself. I worried that no one would show up and it would be a complete fail. I also thought that for some reason the bar would be closed and we'd be standing outside wondering what to do next. BUT, like always, this was just anxiety. When we showed up, everything was perfect. The music was live the vibe was electric, and lo-and-behold, the VIP area was open!
I quickly rushed to the back to claim our spot, quickly setting up the table so that guests could immediately locate us. As we settled in, we ordered a cocktail which was super delish. (Shout out to the bartender!)  AND boom, my first guest of the night arrived, Ms. Jessica Gaston. Jess is that kind of person that lifts the spirit of any deflated soul, she just has that about her. Once I saw her, I felt at ease and began to enjoy the night. Soon after, guest after guest arrived and I was elated.

Not only because they brought bags full of products with them to donate, but because they showed up! If you're not a New Yorker, you won't understand the struggle of getting people to actually come out to an event. People are always quick to RSVP, but showing up is a whole other story. Not to throw shade, because I myself have done that plenty of times, but it's just the culture here, we overbook ourselves all the time. So when someone actually shows up, it's indeed a miracle! 
The night went on from there, and it was one of my favorites. I had a moment where I realized that I'm actually living my dream, providing girls with products that will significantly change their lives. It was like an out-of-body experience that I am so grateful for. 
I know everyone says this, but my friends and just the best people, inside out. They're selfless, caring, encouraging, fun, and wholeheartedly good people.  Unlike our first donation drive in June, this one was to fulfill an immediate need: helping victims affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. I decided to send all donations to the island and am grateful that I had friends and family who felt the same way. 
October is one of my favorite months. I'm not sure why, but it has always been. I sent the invite out on a Monday night and immediately received RSVP after RSVP. I love that my circle includes like-minded people who are quick to help where and when they can. This night was special. Together, we collected more than 100 products! From deodorant and pads, to bar soap and mouthwash, it was incredible. AND the cocktails were phenomenal, as well as the DJ!
BIG thank you to everyone who came out and supported. AND shout out to those who couldn't make it but still found a way to donate. YOU ARE THE ONE!




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